Have You Completed Summer Maintenance for Your Church Building?

Summer has announced its arrival in a big way, bringing heat and, in some places, lots of rain. The warm weather forecast is also a reminder to perform inspections and maintenance to keep your church building comfortable and functional. Here are some tips on what needs attention. Conduct a Roof Inspection It’s difficult to know whether your roof needs [...]

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Time for Winter Maintenance: Tips for Your Church Building

It’s time for one of our periodic maintenance reminders: winter weather is here, and harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your church building if you don’t stay on top of things. Fortunately, it’s not too late to perform winter maintenance inspections on the roof, furnace/HVAC, and outdoor areas. Catching small issues early will prevent major repairs later, saving you [...]

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Fall Maintenance Reminders and Keeping Your Church Building Surfaces Clean

School is starting. The weather is beginning to cool and talk about football and hockey season is picking up. This is also the time of the year where we remind church leaders to conduct church building maintenance. Here’s a review of our recommended standard fall maintenance tasks, with additional suggestions rooted in how the pandemic has transformed our understanding [...]

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Get Ready to Reopen Your Church Building with a Summer Church Maintenance Checklist

Summer has arrived and parts of the economy are starting to reopen as well, which means many states are allowing church services to resume. While church leaders focus on what needs to be done inside their church building to prepare for social distancing requirements and the return of worshippers, it’s also important not to lose sight of church maintenance [...]

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Spring Church Building Maintenance in a COVID-19 Impacted World

Normally, we’d remind you about the importance of spring maintenance at this time of year. This year, with COVID-19 impacting our nation and the world, church maintenance is taking on additional meaning and necessity. We know that many churches are temporarily closing down or canceling services as a precaution against spreading the virus and in keeping with government guidance. [...]

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