Begin the New Church Design of Your Dreams by Building Financial Strength

One thing church leaders can depend on: the cost of church building construction is likely to rise. While it’s prudent to address church building or renovation needs right away, it may not always be possible or practical. Here are some reasons why you might need to delay construction and how you can establish financial strength in the meantime. Why [...]

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Impress Your Financial Institution with a Comprehensive Church Building Budget

Preparation is a key value in any church design and construction project. One important step is to develop a comprehensive and realistic church building budget before you begin conversations with your lending institution. When it’s clear that you’ve done your homework, you can impress your bankers, and help to receive the most favorable financial package. Understanding the Four Church [...]

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Key Elements of a Church Building Capital Stewardship Campaign

In addition to obtaining a loan to finance a church building project, church leaders often consider conducting capital campaigns. Here are some strategies for raising funds to support your new church building, or your vision for remodeling an existing church design. One key point we will discuss is the value of working with a professional consultant. Church Building Capital [...]

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Consider Funding Alternatives for Church Building Construction

Fortunately, when it comes to ways to fund your church building project, there are options. Borrowing from a financial institution is a common choice, and we’ve covered that in multiple ways. We also touched on one non-traditional alternative, which is borrowing from a denominational lender. Here’s more on that option, and suggestions of other alternatives, as well. Church Building [...]

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Church Building Steps from Start to Finish: Funding

As we continue working through the church building process step by step, it’s time to talk funding. You should now have a good sense of how much money will be required to complete the church building process from the budget developed in the last step. Now it’s time to figure out where that money will come from. Preparing a [...]

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