As we mentioned in an earlier blog, The McKnight Group is going on the road to a handful of Christian conferences and events this year. Your next opportunity to meet with us in person, and get all your church design, building and remodeling questions answered, is at the North American Christian Convention (NACC) in Indianapolis next week, July 8-11, 2014.


So why are we taking the time and expense to travel to Indianapolis? We think it’s a great conference. They provide a wide range of activities, including speakers, workshops, worship, exhibits (like us!), and time for fellowship—and the intent of all of this is to build up churches, their leaders, and their membership.

We believe that God uses opportunities like this to energize church leaders, spread the word about good things that churches are doing to grow their communities, and help everyone remember what their calling is about in the first place.

Why The McKnight Group?

We are also going to Indianapolis because we recognize that church leaders often don’t have the time to really think about what a new church building or renovation can do for them. Our exhibit booth provides an excellent opportunity for anyone to stop by, see some vibrant examples of how our work is building up the body of Christ, and talk with us about how renovating or replacing a church building has made an amazing difference in the lives of congregations. Whether your questions are broad and visionary or detailed and practical, we have answers that will help you discern the best way to move forward with your own church buildings.

Why Church Building Makes a Difference

You see, when church buildings are aligned with a church’s vision, it’s crystal clear to everyone who comes to visit what your church is about. Your worship center speaks to your church’s vision, your youth center shows how youth are part of your church’s vision, and your church school wing speaks about how your church’s vision embraces the next generation of church members.

And if you can’t see us in Booth #1009 at NACC July 8-11, don’t forget that we’ll also be in Atlanta for Catalyst in October, and you even have the chance to win free tickets to attend. All you have to do is Like us on Facebook and enter to win!

We talk with people about many ideas when we meet with them at events such as NACC and Catalyst. We also talk about church building ideas on our free i3 webinars, so if you can’t join us on the road, sign up for our i3 webinar series today!