Modern church design almost always includes activity-focused children’s spaces to foster an engaging environment for young church members. These spaces are not only for use during Sunday worship but can also serve multiple purposes throughout the week. Here are some key design features that are typically included in a church building to create versatile and enjoyable activity spaces for kids.

Flexibility and Functionality

Typically, one of the most important church design qualities in any children’s space is flexibility. Activities in these areas can range from music and presentations to puppet shows and live performances. Thus, having a platform of some kind and size is a good idea, but it doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of the room. Often, keeping the platform size on a smaller scale can provide the necessary space for performances while maintaining the room’s versatility for other activities.

Other considerations for these activity areas can include things like a sound booth, theatre-type lighting, or even bubble machines and black lights. Additionally, ample storage space should be included for props, sound equipment, and play equipment to keep the space uncluttered and adaptable for various uses.

Egress is Essential

Another key consideration when designing children’s spaces is attention to egress and security. For one, be sure the space meets all building codes for emergencies. Clear pathways and accessible exits are necessary to ensure a quick evacuation if needed.

Versatile Multi-Function Spaces

Here are some examples of different activity spaces in church designs. The first image illustrates an open multi-purpose room with various colored throw rugs that allow for different group activities and seating arrangements. The space includes a small platform in the center of one wall and a sound booth in the rear corner for versatility, but these don’t interfere with the openness of the room. This space can serve all ages, not only during Sunday services, but also throughout the week for different groups and activities.

Dedicated Themed Spaces

The next two images showcase rooms with dedicated themes. The first is “Church Mouse Praise House,” where live actors and puppet shows take place. The themed decor and specialized set make the room less versatile than a general multi-purpose space but provide an immersive experience that captivates children. The other example shows a more flexible themed room, featuring a small platform with a video screen and an activity area, which offers a place for older kids to gather and engage in various activities.

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