This post continues our series on integrating church safety and security, especially in less common but still important areas of your church building. In it, we offer an example of how good security integration can appear warm and welcoming.

And since, as we’ve previously noted, we are not security experts, but rather church building experts that recognize the importance of including security elements in your church design, we also will share some links to church security professionals who can provide more information.

A Church Office Example of Including Security in Your Church Design

This image shows the office lobby of a church building complex that we designed. The first floor is used mostly for counseling sessions and feels very open, friendly, and inviting. The centralized reception desk has an excellent view of the entrance, waiting area, stairs, and hallway. All doors are secured to prevent unauthorized entry and permission is needed to get into the rest of the church building. As you can see, church security can be effective without compromising on beauty and a welcoming atmosphere.

Professional Resources for Church Building Security

There are a number of helpful church building security resources available. In fact, several of these organizations help us keep up to date on integrating security into a church design. Please click on the links to learn more.

Sheepdog Church Security

Sheepdog Church Security provides customizable training materials to part-time church security leaders and teams. Their program was developed by law enforcement officers and provides help “to create and execute the right plan for your church while keeping faith at the center.”

Full Armor Church Safety Solutions

Full Armor specializes in leadership training, church security resources, and background check screening for ministries and faith-based organizations. They provide church security kits that include ready-made policy manuals and training presentations. All their instructors have pastoral and law enforcement experience.

Brotherhood Mutual

This insurance company has been providing all types of insurance coverage for churches for more than 100 years. They have a library of resources for church safety on their website, including sections with resources for camp safety, child safety (including nurseries and schools), and background screening, including many form templates.

AE Global Security

AE Global Security focuses on security equipment, including closed-circuit TV systems, mobile capabilities, wireless security, access control, facial recognition, and security consulting.

Strategos International

This organization offers a church security course designed specifically “to bridge a gap in ministry education.” Aimed toward seminary, bible college, and ministry students, their training is accredited by MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas.

Group’s Safe and Secure Church Kit equips ministry leaders with lessons, ideas, and events, as well as service opportunities, for church and ministry professionals. They have a Safe and Secure Church Kit, created in collaboration with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance.

Church Law & Tax

This website is self-explanatory. They provide law and tax resources for church professionals, including safety sections on children and youth, insurance, personnel, property, transportation, and emergencies.

We hope the provided information above will help church leaders keep security in mind when planning their church design. In our next post, we’ll address some of the church security questions that church leaders like you have brought to us during our free i3 webinars. To learn more about the latest in church design and construction, sign up for the next webinar today!