Church Design Professional

Mark A. Siebert, McKnight Group Representative

“Stay The Course – Cut Sails – No Matter What – ‘Till Death Do Us Part – Follow Through”

I grew up in a family where commitment was valued and expected.  It was well demonstrated to me in the daily devotion of my parents to one another.  This upbringing has caused me to want to “stay the course” in all areas of my own life, and I am grateful.  I hope you had the same experience!

You see, when we are committed to something, we find it easier to throw off the things that hinder, and we tend to expend energy only on the tasks necessary to maintain the commitment, or reach the goal.


A clearly defined vision for a preferred future, especially in ministry, is key to building the kingdom.  When we clearly focus on a preferred future, and it is compelling, resulting actions become obvious.

The business community has this down!  They know target and they know vision and all their efforts are centered around results.  The church is different though, as our focus is not the same, yet, still there is focus, vision, and commitment. There is a commitment to relationships, meeting needs, healing hurts and commitment to removing any hindrance that would prevent the sharing of the Gospel.

The most difficult part of focusing on a target for our ministry effort is narrowing down to something achievable.  We simply want to reach the entire world!  But, we will be more successful when we effectively reach our corner of the world, right in our own backyard.  We know the people there and are familiar with their needs, so let’s reach them!  (Of course we can expand our vision once this is accomplished!)


The church needs buildings. Therefore, church design is vital to ministry success.  Our commitment is to provide the best church design for your ministry and your target.

The McKnight Design Build process is a comprehensive approach to church design and building where we oversee and manage every phase of the project.  From master planning and the initial church design through the construction of the church, our team-orientated Design Build process gives church leaders the added satisfaction of having played a meaningful role in the development of an amazing new space.

Being on time and on target demands a knowledgeable, trustworthy workforce with decades of experience. After all, ministry can’t wait. The McKnight Group’s church construction and general contracting service ensures your new church or addition will be built on time, within budget, and handled by a company that knows what it takes to build a facility that will expand your reach and will work for years to come.

It’s not about a building.  It’s all about a commitment to reach people with the Gospel.