Paint is one way to create colorful children’s spaces in your church building, as our last post described in detail. Another good technique for adding both color and creativity is through thematic church design. These examples show various imaginative themed paint, wall graphics, and props that appeal to specific age groups or are versatile enough for all ages.

Include Real-World Signage and Props

This image shows what you can do with real-world elements like road signs, traffic lights, and guardrails to create a street theme. Notice how the carpet and floor striping are used to create a road. This bright, colorful theme is completed using paint on the wall to create the sky and grass. 

Create a Versatile Theme

The second image shows the worship space from the same church building. This area has a garage theme, which complements the traffic feel from the first photo and appeals to kids of all ages. A faux brick wall covering was used to create the garage look, along with various props and signs that you might see in a garage. This unique space isn’t specific to any group and can be used in a lot of ways. 

Adding Wall Graphics

Here is a themed hallway using a wall graphic designed specifically for the space. This theme is named “Faithful Farm” and the hallway depicts a country scene in a barn. The doors leading to other rooms have all been incorporated into the design. You can see, as you look down the hall, that each room has its own name and is geared for various age groups. These signs protrude out from the wall so it’s easy to identify which room is which as you walk down the corridor.

Appealing Colors and Themes for Older Kids

From the country theme in the last image, we end up entering a room at the end of the hall. This large group room has a city theme which transitions well from the hall’s country feel. Again, this age-neutral city theme can be used for all-ages activities, from preschool playtime to student ministries for the older kids.

Hopefully, these creative examples will help inspire some theme ideas of your church design. Come back next week to learn about interior finishes for children’s spaces as our series continues.

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