When you think about decorating your remodeled church, you want to start planning from the ground up. By that, we mean start with the floor. Every church should have a floor that helps define the culture of the congregation, but choosing a floor is as much about weighing the practical pros and cons as well as the aesthetic ones.

Quality Products Start You Right

Start off on the right track by investing in quality products. Using good-quality materials in your new church building at the start will save you years of headaches and expenses in the long run. Then consider your spaces and their uses. A space dedicated to youth activities requires a different kind of flooring from the space where your seniors Bible study group meets. If it’s a multi-use space, then you’ll need to choose the optimum flooring for all the uses.

Good-quality carpet can come as carpet tile, two-by-two squares, or broadloom, which is on a twelve foot-wide roll. Carpet tile comes with a moisture barrier and can easily be replaced, even with a spill on the middle of the carpet. Broadloom can come with a moisture barrier, if requested, but you’ll probably have to wait until your next church remodel to replace it.

Get the Best of Both Worlds for the Best Multi-Use Space

Hybrid resilient flooring can be a great choice for ministry spaces that host both high and low impact activities. Hybrid resilient flooring has the appearance of carpet, but the denser structure both prevents stains, and allows for athletic activities like basketball. Your new church building really can be as beautiful and multi-use as you’re inspired to design.

On the aesthetic side, if you have an entirely new church building, you can start your colors and patterns from scratch. Keep consistent throughout, except for areas like youth spaces. These should vary from the rest of the church building in a way that is thematic with the rest of the space, but specifically appealing to younger members. Bolder patterns or brighter shades work well. If your church remodeling project is an extension on an older building, your new décor needs to work with the rest of the building without looking dated. The McKnight Group’s experts can help you with all these decisions.

The McKnight Group Always Makes Things Easy

Choosing flooring is just one of the many decisions you will face in a church remodel or church building project. The McKnight Group makes every step easier with our decades of experience and expert guidance. Get started on your church remodeling journey by joining us for one of our free i3 webinars today.