Just a few short weeks ago, Gateway Church of the Nazarene opened their doors for the first time in their brand-new facility. In January 2006, a fire originating in the basement furnace room took the original building; officials declared it a total loss.

Gateway immediately began picking up the pieces, and after congregational vote, the Church purchased grounds across from Wal-Mart on Gateway Drive. Since that point, the people of Oskaloosa have watched the building form from the ground up, while each step was documented by local news and media. Oskaloosa News reported in January 2011: “Oskaloosa First Church of the Nazarene’s new facility progressing nicely” and included a few details on the new building:

  • 50,000+ square feet
  • Multi-functional space
  • Children’s Area indoor/outdoor cafe and bookstore
  • Children’s Area accommodates 100+ children
  • Check-In Areas and Restrooms in close proximity to Children’s Areas
  • Indoor Playland for Childrens Ministry as well as Birthday Parties
  • Youth Worship Center for 100+ Youth including indoor/outdoor cafe and game room
  • Accordian Doors to create classroom options throughout the building
  • Staff Offices
  • Optimum space for wedding receptions or special events
  • Multi-Ministry Center seats 700+ and 450+ banquet style seating
  • Ample space for regulation volleyball and basketball courts
  • Catering Kitchen

Five years later, Gateway Church of the Nazarene rises out of the ashes and stands a brand-new, shining symbol of faith and restoration.

An article from local paper, The Oskaloosa Herald, elaborates on the grand opening:

Gateway Church of the Nazarene
ANDY GOODELL | The Oskaloosa Herald

AT 10:30am Sunday morning [June 19th], many people had their first look at the Gateway Church of the Nazarene.
This inaugural service gave those attending an idea of what the Gateway Church of the Nazarene has to offer. This includes a large-scale sound and video projection system, as well as praise musicians and seating for more than 700 in the facility’s multi-ministry area.

In his first sermon at the new church campus, the Rev. Dave Childers focused on renewal of faith or “new beginnings.” He said those considering a new beginning with Gateway Church of the Nazarene can expect a lot from the church.

“If you’re here looking for a church today, come to this church on a regular basis… With the music and the spoken word, you will get something every week that will make you think. You will hear something every week that will make you feel and you will hear something on a regular basis, every Sunday, about something you can do to become more like Jesus Christ.” – Dave Childers, Lead Pastor

To learn more about Gateway Church of the Nazarene, visit their website.