For more than ten years, the McKnight Group has placed an importance on offering seminars to churches to help them understand Church Design and Church Construction.   Intentionally, the i3 is designed to be more than just a Church Architect standing up talking about Church Architecture.

“i3” stands for “Ideas, Insights & Innovations” – all of which are required for church building and expansion in the ever-changing dynamic of growing the church community.  In this short, one-day seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to learn valuable ideas, insights and innovations from experienced church leaders and visionaries who have built or expanded church communities.

The i3 is a 360 degree look at growing a church community: from the view of the staff, lay person, banker, building official as well as a Church Design Build firm.  It has been our pleasure over the last ten years to host 512 churches with over 1,550 people coming to spend a day learning.

While other Church Builders may offer similar seminars, none strive to produce an experience that includes the testimonies of current church staff sharing their journey to further their ministry through facilities.

The relationshipa that start through and during The i3 have led to some fantastic projects that have benefited an untold number of lives.

Regardless of the stage you and your church body are in – whether researching options or well on your way to financing and design – The i3 will give you the opportunity to explore ideas, insights and innovations that you may have never considered.

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