church-design-build-partnerWhen you’re making an investment in something as major as a new church building or remodeling project, you want to make sure you do it right. You will need to find a partner to design and build that project. And frankly, there are a lot of architecture and construction firms out there. So which one is the right one? Here are the important elements to consider when choosing the right partner for your church building process.

Do They Know Ministry?

A very important question to ask right off the bat is whether the firm that you are considering understands churches and their ministries. If the company says something like, “Here are twelve commercial building plans; just choose one of these,” then you want to walk away as quickly as possible.

Your church has unique needs and is not a typical  building. Your church has spent a lot of time in prayer and discussion figuring out your vision for the future and understanding how a new or remodeled church building contributes to that vision and the church’s ministry. That’s why you need to choose an expert firm that has a lot of experience with building and remodeling churches, not just buildings.

Do They Work Efficiently?

Your partnered firm needs to work efficiently. Churches generally don’t have generous budgets. Their funds come from hardworking church members, and you don’t want to waste a dime of that generously donated money. This is one reason that we believe the church design build process is the best method for getting your new or remodeled church building finished on time and under budget.

The church design build process prevents a bidding war between church designers and builders by using a single firm that handles both the architectural drawings and the construction work. When you only use one firm for both tasks, you don’t have to take time putting drawings out to bid, and you don’t end up wasting time later when each side blames the other for things that don’t work.

Do They Understand Each Other?

Think about it this way. If you had to leave your job for six months, and you had to make sure the work was done properly in your absence, would you rather give a few instructions to a colleague who’s worked with you and watched you perform your tasks, or would you rather hire a temp and attempt to write down, or explain, every facet of the job and every conceivable issue that might arise? Of course you’d rather choose someone you already know, who understands the company, the work, and your particular task. It’s the same with a church: You need to partner that can communicate with everyone involved, from church members all the way through the process to what goes into the interior of your new or remodeled building.

Do They Trust Each Other?

Knowledge and understanding aren’t the only issues; there’s also trust. It’s like choosing a good marriage partner. You need someone who doesn’t just say all the right things at the courtship level, but also understands the importance of making a commitment and bringing their best to the marriage as well. This is why the concept of a church design build process works so well. When architects and construction engineers have committed to working at the same firm, on the same church projects, you can trust that they will treat your church needs the same way they would each other.

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