church-building-remodeling-first-stepSometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you’re tackling a large project. This is especially true when it comes to church building or remodeling. Do you plan it all to happen at once, or do it in stages?

These are important questions, but there are even more basic ones that need to be asked first, especially when you’re undertaking something as large as a church building or remodeling project. In this post, we’d like to recommend a critical planning stage that should always be the first step toward making your church remodel or construction a success.

Church Building Design and Perspective

We love this first phase of work with a customer. It’s an exciting time when clients first see their church vision take shape in schematic drawings and a three-dimensional perspective and are able to grasp exactly how things might look. Of course, while we’re happy that it’s exciting for them and their church members, we’re also doing it for their loan application. We create these drawings to impress loan officers with the planning and forethought that they put into their church remodeling or new building concept.

Church Remodeling Budgets and Costs

Of course, no one should start constructing a building until they know if they have enough money to complete it. Along those same lines, no loan officer is going to take you seriously until you’ve sat down to “count the cost.” This is why we work with our customers to complete a comprehensive budget estimate. This estimate includes not just the cost of the actual church remodeling or new church building, but also all the other costs associated with completing the project. These can include everything from utility tap fees and building permits to the furnishings you’ll need to have in place before your church can use the building.

A Church Building Funding Plan

Once this important first step is completed, you’ll have a much clearer vision of how to fund your church building project. You’re most likely going to pay for your construction or remodel through a mixture of cash on hand, income from a capital pledge drive, and a loan. By having a clear and accurate understanding of all the costs involved, you’ll be able accurately project how much you’ll need from each source, and you’ll also have critical information that a bank will use when considering a loan.

Taking That First Step

We love working with churches on this type of planning, and with our 45-plus years of experience, we believe we’re good at it. To begin the process, contact us today at 800-625-6448. To learn more about planning for your new church building or remodeling project, visit our website and sign up for our free i3 webinar series today.