There are many products, devices and even construction techniques that can help create safe and secure children’s areas in a church building. As various dangerous situations have occurred, numerous solutions have sprung up to help prevent them in the future. Let’s explore some of the innovative products and devices that can be incorporated into a church design to enhance security for kids.

Hardening Can Buy Precious Time

When designing or remodeling a church building, one of the fundamental safety aspects to consider is the reinforcement of entry points. Utilizing hardening techniques such as metal or solid core doors, along with sturdy door frames and upgraded hardware, fortifies entrances against unauthorized access. Additionally, emergency hardware can make for swift and efficient evacuation in case of emergencies.

One product that we are more frequently using to create safer children’s areas is security film. It isn’t as impenetrable as bulletproof glass or steel walls, but it does offer an additional layer of defense. While it will not stop a bullet, security film is puncture-resistant and when anchored into door or window frames, it makes it difficult for those with bad intentions to penetrate. This product can provide valuable time for children and adults alike to flee a bad situation.

For church leaders considering even higher levels of security, options such as the aforementioned bulletproof glass and wall hardening with materials like steel and concrete blocks are available. While not commonly implemented yet, these solutions do represent a proactive approach to safeguarding all who enter a church building.

Some Simple Safety Devices

There are also some specialized devices that can further enhance security within children’s areas. Simple yet effective tools like door jamb locks and plastic door closer locks provide added protection without the need for complex electronic systems. These solutions, pictured on the right, can be easily integrated into existing structures, or included in new construction projects.

Another innovative product gaining traction in church design is weighted window shades, pictured on the left. These shades, held in place with Velcro straps, offer a quick method of covering windows in the event of an emergency. When an alert or alarm sounds, these curtains can be swiftly deployed, creating a safer environment by obscuring visibility into rooms occupied by children.

Safeguarding children’s areas within church buildings requires a multifaceted approach that combines design layout and structural enhancements with specialized devices and visible security teams. We discuss these kinds of topics and update the latest products and designs in our free I3 webinars. Upcoming topics and a link to sign up are available on our website.