When you’re researching the community on ways to remodel your church, your head might start spinning with the possibilities. Do you need a basketball court for teenagers or a playroom for children? How about a few pool tables and a coffee bar for adults? How can you possibly build all these things without your church ending up the size of a palace?

The answer may surprise you: Build a multi-ministry worship space.

If You Build It, They Will Come Again and Again

Yes, we’re suggesting that you might want to put a basketball net, a rock climbing wall, even a pool table in the same place your congregation worships. At The McKnight Group, our free i3 webinars discuss dozens of ways to build areas that offer safe and economical events to members of your community then seamlessly converts into the perfect worship space. Your congregation won’t believe the place where they worship on Sunday is the same place they played an Xbox tournament on Tuesday.

How do you decide what to add to your multi-use space? As always, look to your congregation, and look toward your community. Figure out who you want to attract to your newly remodeled church and target, target, target. Are you looking to capture young, urban adults? A coffee bar is a great and unobtrusive way to get them to come inside. Church members new and old will probably enjoy it too. What about younger people? Safe places for youth to just hang out are at a premium. Use your space for a sports or video game night. And when it comes time to put entertainment aside and focus on God, basketball nets pull up, platforms come out, walls come down, and you have a space that instantly becomes a beautiful sanctuary for worship. We can even install different lighting systems to suit different functions, all easily controlled by you at the touch of a button.

Ingratiating Without Alienating

Having these multi-ministry spaces is just one more way of being open to your community in a nonthreatening way, allowing the community to come to you and experience the atmosphere of the church without attending services right away. When inevitably some of them do take the plunge and come for services, they’ll feel right at home in the same space they were first entertained in.

Our free i3 webinars are packed with information about how to build and remodel multi-ministry spaces in your church. Sign up today for this and tons more information on how to remodel your church to more effectively serve the needs of your community, and the wishes of the Lord.