When Homer McKnight started The McKnight Group in 1970 he wanted to focus on church buildings, but as a new business, he also took on building opportunities in other areas. As a result, our company designed and built over 200 buildings for the small business community.

By the early 1990s, The McKnight Group felt led to make a commitment to become the leading expert in church design and building in our country. Tens of thousands of people have been touched through partnerships between The McKnight Group and hundreds of churches in 39 different states over the last 43 years. God has truly blessed us as we have literally helped to build over a million square feet of His kingdom here on earth.

Expanding Our Business Model

During the past 20 years, The McKnight Group has turned down project requests from many business owners because of this exclusive focus on our ministry clients.  We are now established as experts in the church building field, and we sense that God is calling us to broaden our focus and serve the business community as well.

This does not mean that we will abandon our building ministry with churches. In fact, we decided that the perfect way to spread the news about our availability to help businesses grow their building projects was to offer our current and former church clients—and even those churches that might be considering a relationship with us—a unique opportunity to support local businesses and their own churches as well.

Growing Relationships

You see, one of the strengths of The McKnight Group, which we have learned over our years of collaborative church building projects, is that strong relationships are the key to success. We care about the final outcome of all of our projects.  We want to help churches be better at ministry than before we came to help. Now we want to provide the same integrity and professional services to business clients as well.

It’s Time to Give Back

If you have a business owner in your congregation or community who needs help determining the best method to expand or build a business facility, we can help them.  If your business contact is one of the first ten business owners to sign a construction contract with us in 2014, The McKnight Group will make a contribution to your church’s ministry.  This is our way of saying “thank you” for supporting our building ministry.

Some of you located in central Ohio may have already received a letter and email from us regarding this unique opportunity. If so, we encourage you to keep thinking about members of your community or community who might be in need of our building services. This opportunity is open to any church that was, is, or desires to be in a building project relationship with us.

To learn more about The McKnight Group’s building projects with businesses, we invite you to visit our business website.