God has inspired you to remodel your church or perhaps even create a new building entirely. So, like any good church leader, you start researching your vision, and it’s not long before all the facets of church remodeling overwhelm you to the point of being disheartening. Over and over, three particular elements keep coming to the forefront: cost, quantity, and quality.

Prioritizing Is Everything


A golden rule of building is you can only hope to control two of those three elements. The biggest factor determining what’s controlled by your hands and what’s controlled by the Lord’s, is how you prioritize your project. Who are you trying to reach with this remodel or new church building? Do you absolutely need a large open space for youth activities, but can’t find the right budget to achieve it? If so, your priorities are quantity and cost, while quality will have to be the element that’s left to the unknown. Does your church need to impress first time attenders with new art, new windows and new lighting? In this case, quality and quantity are your priorities while you need to be more forgiving about cost. Bottom line is it’s always possible to match your finished project to your vision, but usually not without some compromise.

The McKnight Group Makes Prioritizing a Breeze

The McKnight Group has more than twenty years’ experience in church remodeling and church building. With our expert team of both church architects and contractors, not only are we the most knowledgeable choice for your project, but we’re also the most efficient. Our team will help you get to the heart of your project and set your priorities at the start. Our financial feasibility assessment will show you exactly how much your project will cost with our services, and you can be certain of its accuracy, because the entire scope of the project is handled by The McKnight Group. So not only will you have the most expert service available, but the most efficient. And efficiency lowers cost.

Learn Today to Start Tomorrow

The McKnight Group can take away the stress of researching your church building project yourself. Register on our website for our free i3 webinars to see the expertise and honesty of our team firsthand, and start getting excited about executing your vision.