Wayne Street United Methodist Church’s remodeling project in St. Mary’s, Ohio – Before

When you get a calling to make over your church building, the first big decision hits you almost immediately: Do you build new, or do you remodel the church you already have? There are lots of factors to consider when choosing between church remodeling and church building.


Use a soft touch for fast results

Timing is a big benefit in church

Wayne Street United Methodist Church’s remodeling project in St. Mary’s, Ohio – After

remodeling versus rebuilding. It’s definitely faster to remodel an existing building than to build a whole new one and a fast remodel means you’ll be back to ministering just as quickly. Church remodeling is often a less expensive option as well, so along with time saved is money saved, which can be put back into church programs and ministries.

Another added benefit of remodeling is that you are symbolically and literally redeeming an old building for a new and greater purpose. The concept of redemption is a foundation of Christianity and your remodeled church structure will stand as a symbol to the power of God and redemption as it begins its second life.

Wiping the slate clean for unbelievable results

There are times when church remodeling is not the best option. Some spaces are too awkwardly constructed to remodel effectively and you must also consider safety. Structural integrity and long-term maintenance are extremely important factors in choosing between rebuilding and remodeling. If the building hasn’t been well maintained or was poorly constructed to begin with, the enormity of problems lurking behind the walls can be shocking. For example, an occasional leaky roof could translate to water in the walls, which often means mold and rotting. In those cases, it’s best to say good-bye to the old building and start anew.

They did it, so can you!

Wayne Street United Methodist Church in Saint Mary’s, Ohio is an example of a church that has reaped huge rewards from remodeling. Their building was exactly what you’d expect in a lot of older churches: a little outdated with long, narrow hallways that led to a fellowship room. But the building was well-maintained, and the structural integrity was solid. We opened up those old hallways creating a multi-use foyer and modernized the fellowship hall so that it became a versatile, warm and friendly space for gatherings of any kind.

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