When guests first step inside your church, what impression do they get? Is it warm and welcoming? Is it modern and up-to-date? Does it convey the vision of your church and your ministries? The McKnight Group offers interior design services that can ensure your building interior reflects that your ministries are relevant. These services are available separately or in combination with our other services. Our interior design plans are customized, based on your unique needs to help your building convey the lasting first impression that you want to extend to your congregation and guests.                                                                                                                                                      




For existing facilities, we can assist in updating the interior of your church so that you can make a positive first impression, whether you’re redesigning the entire building or refreshing one area of your space. Interior design consultations for existing church facilities begin with an assessment of your current space and an evaluation of your needs. Based on this evaluation, we will develop recommendations to transform your space. This consultation option may be tailored to the extent of your needs to ensure you receive only the services that apply to your specific project. If you are planning to redesign your space on your own but need a little direction, The McKnight Group offers a one-time consultation option as well. Our interior design consultant will assess your current finishes and make general suggestions to get your project started on the right track.




When working with us on a new building project, basic interior design services are included. We work with a team from your church to ensure the interior materials used reflect your unique ministry and personality. These specifications include flooring, wall finishes, cabinetry, and other details that are part of your construction project. We also offer additional services to complete your project, including furniture specifications, signage, and children’s theme development.




Creating fun and dedicated children’s space will show that children are important to your church. And parents will know you value them because you value their children. Designing a dramatic children’s space can be challenging though. We can help develop a theme, suggest appropriate finishes, and lead in the design process from start to finish to help you create a vibrant, contemporary, and useable space for your children’s ministries. Themes and design can range from simple to elaborate. They can include wall graphics or simply a fun paint scheme. 



We’ll work with you to develop an interior design plan that fits your needs. The interior design team at The McKnight Group are experts at creating modern spaces that will enable your ministries and communicate the relevance of your church in the lives of the people in your community.

Do you have a question about your interior design project or would you like to learn more? Contact us today.