A Final Church Building Trend Example: Traditional Church Design

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing examples illustrating various church building trends. With this post, we will conclude our series of church design photos with a trend that is a surprise to many people: a return to traditional worship spaces. Why People Seek a Traditional Church Design At first glance, a return to traditional church design would [...]

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More Examples of Church Building Trends: Indoor Play Areas

In this post, we continue to use photos of our church design and building projects to highlight recent church building trends. This time, we look at one that has stood the test of time, perhaps in part because it connects with other church design trends that we have already discussed. The Enduring Popularity of Indoor Play Areas in Church [...]

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Church Building Trends: Gathering Community

Recently, we’ve been showing photo examples from church building trends we first shared in one of our free i3 webinars. Trends matter to every church leader because they show what types of church design is working in other communities. Community Spaces is Another Trend Before we dive into the illustrations, we need to clarify how the “gathering community” trend [...]

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Examples of Church Building Trends: Third Place Church Design

As we show examples of the latest church building trends, one in particular is well-suited to pictures rather than words: Third place church design. In this post, we’ll make the concept clearer by sharing some photos of one church that has been embracing third place church design for a couple of decades. A Refresher on Third Place Church Design [...]

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