Schematic Plans Help Visualize Your Dream Church Building

The roadmap to your dream church building includes several stops before the design is finalized and construction begins. Once zoning, utilities, building codes, and surveys have been reviewed, there's enough background planning to sketch out design ideas. It’s time to create schematic plans. It’s important to understand that schematic drawings are not blueprints, which are detailed construction plans. Think [...]

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Another Early Consideration When Building Your Dream Church: Utilities

Utilities are another early factor when planning your dream church. These, along with zoning and building codes, are areas that may seem straightforward, but can require careful consideration. This is especially true with new buildings and sites. Working with a professional to guide you on how utilities are going to affect your design is always recommended. However, we are [...]

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Understanding Building Codes for Your Dream Church

Along the path to creating a dream church building, there are numerous preliminary stops. In our last post, we covered zoning considerations. In this one, we look at building codes and how they impact building materials, area limits, fire suppression, accessibility, and egress. What exactly are building codes? To put it simply, they are regulations that set minimum requirements [...]

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Documents: An Important Stop on the Dream Church Building Map

Undertaking a church design project may seem overwhelming, but knowing the steps involved in creating the church building of your dreams can make it seem less stressful. In this post, we examine some logistics involved before the actual work can get started. Let’s look at documentation: topographic surveys, blueprints, zoning permits, and more. Understand the Value of Surveys and [...]

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Your Dream Church Building Starts with a Needs Assessment

When you visualize what you want your ideal church building to be, what does it look like? How can you bring that visualization to life? We have a road map to tell you about how to get there, but before starting a building or design project, you need to be sure you’re ready to move forward. There are three [...]

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