Making a Good First Impression with Small Details in Church Design: Signage

Signs to read are everywhere today. We have traffic signs, safety signs, storefront signs, and all manner of other signs that help us orient ourselves in the world and figure out where we need to go next or what we need to do. The same is true in a church building. When guests arrive for the first time, they [...]

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Furniture Design Decisions Support a Good First Impression for Your Church Building

There are many ways that your church design can make a good first impression on guests. We’ve covered obvious areas like lobbies, cafés, and worship spaces, but the small details matter too. Here’s a closer look at how the furniture in your church building helps make a good first impression. Flexibility is Key in Your Church Design We frequently [...]

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Making the Right First Impression with Worship Space in Your Church Building

We’ve been focusing on the various areas of your church design that matter when making a good first impression. We started with some logical areas, like the lobby and café, then reminded you about the importance of restrooms. Now we’re turning our attention to the space in your church building that is definitely very important: your worship space. First [...]

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Don’t Forget the Restrooms on Your Church Building “Good First Impressions” Checklist

Some spaces in your church design may seem obvious for making a good first impression, such as the carpet tile in your lobby. There are other interior spaces you might overlook that still impact first impressions. One such place is restrooms.  Putting Cleanliness Front and Center in Your Church Design When guests visit a church building and enter the [...]

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Steps for a Successful Church Building Interior Design Project, Part 1

Whether you’re constructing a new church building or undertaking a remodeling project, the interior design component is deserving of its own process and time frame. To help you understand the critical steps you should take, we’ve invited Jennifer Snider to share her expertise in this area. Jennifer Snider is the McKnight Group’s Interior Designer. She has been with us [...]

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