We talk a lot in our free i3 webinars about the usefulness of capital campaign consultants. For your church funding project, a capital campaign consultant is indispensable, even if you think you’d save money doing everything yourself. Remember, the best church architects use only the best tools, so hire the best consultant to take your church funding to the next level.

Begin Your Search

Before completing the designs for your new facility, you should find a capital campaign consultant for your church funding project. The McKnight Group’s resource page provides a good starter list of companies to contact, but don’t be afraid to use Google, the phone book, and even other local churches for recommendations for specialized capital campaign consultants.

Once you’ve made a list of possible consultants, do some research. Visit their website. Have they done similar campaigns? Were they successful? Narrow your list down to two or three.

Hit the Ground Running by Picking up the Phone

Now it’s time to make contact. Get them on the phone. Most consultants are happy to spend some time learning about your project and explaining their process. You can get a great sense for a person over the phone, and when you take a shine to someone, it’s time to meet.

A first meeting with a capital campaign consultant should be guided, but not rigid. You need to forge a real relationship. Remember, this is someone you will be trusting to guide you in respect to managing your congregation, your public face to the community, and your church’s money. Trust and friendliness are important so set aside an afternoon or evening to share a meal and talk. Invite some of the key people from your visionary team and see how you all fit as a group. Ask your consultant about their company, and about their church background, both professionally and personally. You want to find a consultant who speaks your language, and is as excited about your new church building, remodeling project, or whatever your vision may be.

Build the Strongest Foundation Possible for Your Vision

Whatever the reason for your church funding project, there is a capital campaign consultant who is perfect for you. Sign up today for The McKnight Group’s free i3 webinars and learn more about how to find the best person who can set you on the path to your vision today.