Having the Right Church Design Vision to Move Beyond the Status Quo

As members of The McKnight Group’s leadership team travel around the country, we find some churches lack a clear and compelling vision. We want to help change that as we believe having a cohesive vision for one’s ministry is instrumental not only for successful outreach but also as the foundation for an integrated, effective church design. Now more than [...]

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Church Maintenance Needs During Spring

Most of the time, church leaders associate spring with Easter and all the special activities that come with celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. As church building experts, however, we know spring also brings the need for church maintenance. With the snow melting and leaves budding, it’s easy to forget that every church property needs attention year-round. Therefore, we want [...]

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Two More Church Building Trends: Security and Green Church Design

Over the past several weeks we have shared some of the interesting current trends in church design and construction from a recent i3 webinar. The webinar covered many more trends (which is why we always suggest signing up for our webinar series), but there are still two we want to share before concluding this series: One is a common [...]

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What Is Third Place Church Design?

In recent posts we’ve shared a variety of church building trends that are pretty straightforward and easily understood. Multi-use, remodeling and technology integration are a few of the church design trends church leaders find easy to communicate to members. In this post, we’re looking at a trend that’s name is a little less clear, but still one that many [...]

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