Applying Vision to Church Building and Design

A church’s vision is important, not just for ministry and outreach, but to determine how the church building can best serve that vision. In recent posts, we’ve talked about what a church vision is and why it's important to have a clear one, and what to do if you, as a church leader, are struggling with finding one. Here [...]

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Struggling to Create a Church Vision? Consider Who to Reach

Church vision is a simple term, but establishing one isn’t always so easy. We’ve talked about what church vision is and why it's important, but creating one for your church can be a challenging process requiring much discussion and research among church leadership. A lot goes into establishing a clear vision that inspires your ministry and the people it [...]

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Three Tips for Church Leaders to Bring a Church Building Vision to Life

Having a compelling vision drives the success of a church building or remodeling project, but success requires more than simply having vision and writing it down.   A vision statement is not designed to collect dust on a shelf. As a church leader, you’ve already demonstrated that you have what it takes to rally an organization around a bold initiative. [...]

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Asking the Right Questions If You’re Struggling to Develop a Church Vision

A vision for ministry is the starting point for so many elements that make a thriving church community. Not only will it help shape the kinds of ministries offered, it’s also key to making a church building that functions and supports that community, among other things. But we recognize that the idea of a church vision can be difficult [...]

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