We’ve discussed buying an existing building for your church remodel as well as some of the pros and cons. Remodeling an existing building is often less expensive than building new, and an existing building in an established community does a lot of its own PR. But any good church architect would tell you to look carefully before purchasing an existing building.

Building Codes Can Bust Up Your Plans

Zoning and building codes can bring any church remodel to a screeching halt. Building codes can limit how you’re able to remodel and if you don’t study up in advance, you could be in for a nasty surprise after the sale has gone through. Maybe the local codes will prevent the building of that section of offices you wanted. Perhaps they require installing a whole new sprinkler system, or knocking holes in walls for a few new emergency exits. Suddenly your economic remodel is looking almost as expensive as just building new.


Existing Problems Make Your Existing Building a Money Pit

The other major issue with buying and remodeling an existing building is, of course, inheriting existing problems. A poorly constructed building that managed to hold up for the previous owners could start causing problems the second you get the deed in your hand, and now your church remodel is looking literally, shaky at best. The untrained eye can’t catch everything wrong with an existing building or its systems. Electrical outlets and lighting may need to be moved or updated. Restrooms may need to be added. What about the condition and efficiency of the HVAC? Who wants to be in a building in the height of summer with poor ventilation and no air conditioning?


The McKnight Group Saves Your Building and Your Wallet

The McKnight Group’s experts know building and zoning codes, and mechanical systems inside and out. By working with us from the ground up, before you’ve even purchased your building, we can help you navigate all the issues that could turn your convenient remodel into an expensive nightmare. We will root out potential issues and present you with a final accurate estimate about what a church remodel in your existing building will cost. No surprises. No worries. Learn more about remodeling with us by signing up for one of our free i3 webinars today.