Multi-use buildings have become a byword in modern church remodels and church buildings. But just because so many churches are doing it, when remodeling your old church or building a new one, be aware that the experience and vision of one architect is not the same as the next. So many multi-use churches have been so poorly designed, the church buildings themselves have gained a nickname: multi-useless! But hold on, there’s plenty of ways to keep the use in multi-use.

Cookie Cutter Architecture Leads to Multi-Useless Nightmares

With buildings and land being so expensive, there is enormous appeal in the practicality of a multi-use church building. But a poorly designed multi-use church can be a nightmare ­– Acoustics so poor no one can hear the minister speak. No proper sightlines for worship. Poor lighting. Just being plain ugly. The list goes on. Some church leaders have even been so unfortunate as to have all the problems and none of the benefits occur in their multi-use church.

The issue with many new multi-use church buildings or church remodels is that they were made with a cookie-cutter, built with someone else’s idea of ministry in mind. Each church should have a vision for how God is calling them to do ministry. This will be in the context of the culture in the area, demographics, leadership of the church and spiritual gifts within the church. Only by understanding how the church wants to minister to its community can a building be designed to meet that churches individual need.  With this thought in mind, seek help from people who understand the inner workings of the church and work with them to develop a facility that will be the specific, individualized tool for your ministry. The key to a fantastic, well-built multi-use church is in working with a church architect who engages with you from step one, and spends time learning about your vision for your church building. The result will be a multi-use place of worship suited to your needs and not someone else’s.

The McKnight Group Custom-Tailors Church Buildings to Serve Your Ministries

The McKnight Group’s Design/Build team understands the principles of building a truly multi-use church building. Our experts work with you from the ground up designing or remodeling a church that is tailored to your needs. In the end, you get a church that is both truly multi-functional and beautiful. Learn how to get started with The McKnight Group by signing up for one of our free i3 webinars today.