Why a Ballpark Cost by Square Foot for Your Church Design Isn’t Good Enough

Cost per square foot is a measure sometimes used in building construction. It can be helpful to give folks a “ballpark” idea or “guesstimate” of how much a building project might cost, but there are several reasons why you don’t want to strongly rely on ballpark budgets, when it comes to a church building project. The following are three [...]

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The Latest Look at Rising Church Building Costs

We’ve posted before about the adage “time is money,” especially as it relates to the construction industry. Here’s another one: “time waits for no one.” Both simply mean that the longer you wait to create a church design and construct your new church building, the more it’s going to cost. In 2018, we laid out the rising construction costs [...]

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Figuring a Ballpark Estimate of Your Church Building Costs

When it comes to a church building project you need to take a realistic look at your financial situation and develop a good ballpark estimate of your church building costs before you ever clear the land or lay the foundation. However, the cost of construction may not be what you think it is. The Recent History of Rising Inflation [...]

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Project Completion: The Summit Church

The McKnight Group Announces Completion of Remodel in Indiana, Pennsylvania.   Recently completed was the addition of a two-story Children’s and Youth Building in addition to the remodel of existing classrooms into new foyer space.  The new Children’s and Youth Building consists of classrooms, children’s worship space, restrooms, and play area for the children on the first floor, and [...]

Get the Church Financing You Need: 4 Elements of a Comprehensive Budget

There are many steps your church should take when preparing to construct a new church building or undertake a church renovation project. One is getting a church funding plan. Without it, your project isn’t going to get very far. Chances are you’d think—in the beginning, anyway—that the cost is equivalent to the amount of money needed to construct the [...]

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