At The McKnight Group, we have been working with church communities for more than 40 years, collaborating with leadership teams to create church buildings that are effective tools for living out their vision. During this time we have collaborated with amazing teams of church leaders, helping them fulfill those visions to create vibrant, thriving Christian communities.

We recently published a new video which talks about our collaborative relationship with one such church, Grove City Church of the Nazarene. When we first met this congregation in 1969, they had outgrown their church building and we designed and built a new 400 seat worship center for them.  After several other additions, they were out of space and were looking at a final addition that would expand their worship capacity by only 90 seats. However, there were members of the congregation that felt this approach didn’t sufficiently serve the future needs of the church. In the end, we completely revised the approach and built an entirely new facility with a master plan that could accommodate future expansion projects.

The results are stunning. Over the past 40 years we have completed 13 major building phases for this one congregation, including a performing arts worship center, Christian school and preschool classrooms, a food court, and other multi-ministry and community-oriented spaces that specifically meet the needs, and the vision, of this thriving church. And in less than 30 years, the congregation has grown from 400 to 3,000 people.

We believe that growth like this can happen in part because of our innovative Church Design Build Process, in which we work with church clients in a collaborative fashion through each major phase of the church building process. Beginning with the development of a Master Plan based on the church’s unique vision for ministry, we stay closely connected through the design, engineering and construction phases to ensure that the vision remains central to the church building or renovation project.

We invite you to view our new video sharing the 5 decades of partnership with Grove City Church of the Nazarene and to learn more about this exciting collaborative process.  Also, you may sign up for our 2014 free i3 webinars to see more of our work, or contact us directly to discuss how we can help make your new or renovated church building into the perfect ministry tool.