You’ve taken the plunge, and set out on the journey of relocating, rebuilding or remodeling your church. You feel in your heart all the good this new and improved facility will bring to your congregation and community. But this is one time when you shouldn’t keep your excitement to yourself. You’re ecstatic about the potential of your new church building or church remodel, it’s time to spread that ecstasy to the community.

Get out the good word: show off the future


How do you do that? McKnight Group’s recent i3 webinar covers this exact subject. Put simply, you need to effectively communicate the message of your church’s vision through any medium you can. You didn’t go into this blind. You looked at the needs of your community, and planned your church’s remodel in response to those needs. Communicating with your congregation and providing visuals will help them see your vision and in turn, their excitement will help reach the community.

One of the most effective methods for generating community buzz about your new space is to put a face on it. Literally, and preferably more than one. Whether you commission a mural or make some graphics; eye-catching visuals at the building site clearly depicting everything this will mean to the community will be a huge boost.  We don’t just mean show them pictures of the new building, though of course, you should have those too. More importantly, put the focus on pictures of how the new facilities will benefit your community and fulfill their most important needs. Include lots of expressive faces to really help onlookers connect.

Lead by example, illuminate the path


The reason for this is twofold. First of all, the cardinal rule of church leadership is to lead by example, and this rule extends to your building. Your job is to lead people to a close relationship with the Lord, and you need to illuminate exactly how your remodeled church will do that. Second, in tough financial times like these, it gives the congregation comfort to see that not only is their church spending money wisely, but that the new building is going to provide a place where they can be the hands and feet of Christ to the community.

You’ve accepted your vision, but it’s not a secret one. Show your congregation what their new church building is going to do for them. Share with them the hope and excitement for the future that you’re feeling, illuminate their new path to salvation, and you will be amazed at the support you receive in return.

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Using inspiring visuals to aid your church remodel is just one of the strategies for rallying community support we discuss in our i3 webinars. These are completely free and full of incredible information on how to redesign, remodel, and rebuild your church to be in line with your mission in shepherding people along the path of the Lord. Register to join us for our next webinar to receive these inspiring lessons yourself.