church-design-advantage-buildingThere is no substitute for experience. This is especially true when it comes to church design and building. Our 45 years working with churches of all sizes has taught us more than a few things about the best ways to meet the vision of those churches. It’s contributed to the development of a model of what the optimal, affordable church building looks like. We call it the Advantage Building. In this post we want to talk about this model, and how it can be used to create a building that will help grow both your ministries and your membership.

Why Did We Create the Advantage Building?

Our Advantage Building is a church design we created specifically to help smaller churches that are just starting out, or growing churches that need an additional facility to expand their ministries. This design provides the blueprint for a quality building at an affordable price. It incorporates many of our most successful church building features while paying close attention to what churches need to fulfill their vision and grow their communities.

What Makes This Church Design Work?

After more than four decades of designing and building multi use spaces, we know what they need. We understand that your multi-ministry space can be for worship, athletics, children, meals, dramas, meetings, shelters or other ministries you have. We’ve designed a space that’s fully handicap accessible so that everyone can gather together. It’s also flexible enough that you can host Vacation Bible School during the week, a basketball game on Saturday afternoon, and a banquet on Saturday night.

We also know you need a welcoming space where people can gather and get to know each other. The lobby of our Advantage Building is designed to be warm and inviting, but also simple enough that you can tailor it to your specific church vision. In addition, we’ve created other flexible spaces to meet needs for children’s ministries and other important aspects of church life.

What Else Is Special About the Advantage Building?

Being builders by trade, we have discovered what works for churches and what doesn’t. This church design incorporates many of the features that we have learned are important, including an energy-efficient building envelope, both theatrical lighting and LED house lighting, excellent acoustics, quiet mechanical HVAC systems, and durable, low-maintenance construction.

We understand the importance of getting your message across, so the building is designed for sound systems and video projection. We also include ceiling-mounted and motorized basketball goals that, because they’re glass, seem to disappear from view when tucked up against the ceiling.

This church design includes a simple exterior so that your new building will easily be expanded for future growth. And since it’s designed to be built either on a “blank slate” plot of land or as an expansion of your existing church, the Advantage Building is an affordable way to get your church building project completed without depleting your budget.

To find out more of what we’ve learned over 40-plus years of designing churches, visit our website today. There you can sign up for our informative and popular i3 webinar series. They’re absolutely free!