Children’s Area Church Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

It’s easy to presume that church safety is going to look like a fortress, but that doesn’t have to be true. Security doesn’t have to be ugly. Here are some examples of how attractive the check-in desk for the children’s area in your church building can be, while keeping children safe and happy in a space that’s clearly designed [...]

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Options for External Security of Your Church Building

Making the exterior areas of a church building safe and secure should be a priority in a church design, but that doesn’t mean making the church exterior look like a fortress instead of a welcoming place to worship. It’s very possible to incorporate many security elements into a modern church design in ways that are both seamless and effective. [...]

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Controlling Access to Your Church Building: Another Element of Safety and Security

Controlling building access is another key element of church safety. It’s important to limit and even track who has entry to which parts of your church building and at what times. The good news is that changes in recent years have made the process much easier. Security used to be handled by humans responding to push-button audio-only greetings, tracking [...]

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Best Church Safety Practices for the Public Areas in Your Church Design

Church leaders may recognize the need to focus on church safety when designing the public areas of a new church building. But being able to imagine how that might work can be hard. That’s why we are sharing a specific church design schematic that can help you to see and understand how church safety can fit seamlessly into the [...]

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Why Your Church Needs a Comprehensive Church Safety and Security Plan

As we continue with some posts on the elements of church safety, it should be clear that your church building plays a role in any safety and security plan. But simply following the International Building Code with your church design isn’t enough. Your church building can only go so far in protecting people. You need more. For example, you [...]

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