We have been posting a series of articles to help church leaders develop a clear vision for ministry in their community, leading to ways that vision can be reflected in a church building. Our prior post discussed finding ministries that are needed in your community. However, sometimes what’s needed isn’t obvious. At other times, these needs can appear so big that it’s hard to know where to start. In this post, we’ll address how you can refine your church vision in such cases.

Expanding Your Thinking about Your Church Vision

Sometimes it can be hard to see where God is leading you. In part, that’s because sometimes it can be hard to think outside the box—or, in this case, the church building. It’s not always easy to think about things in new ways. This is when it’s best to take things one step at a time.

At other times, you might think you have a clear idea about a church vision for ministry, but you don’t have anyone available to take it on. Your staff has their hands full already, and there’s no one with the time and passion to take it on. The good news is that, when the time is right, God will provide.

Oftentimes, that provision looks like a volunteer coming to you with a passion for something. It might be a passion for kids, or a passion for music, and those passions will fit in well with your church vision. As leaders, it’s then your responsibility to welcome those people, encourage them, build them up, and release them to start building on that vision.

Taking a Step-by-Step Approach

Over time, as that volunteer’s ministry grows, you will likely find that you need more space, resources, and volunteers, in order to help them. Fortunately, growth does take time. That means, as church leaders, you can take a step-by-step approach to meeting those ministry needs. Ask questions like, “How can we grow, and what can we do, for this season or this year?”

It’s important for church leaders not to get a mile ahead of the people they’re leading. If you get too far ahead with your church vision, others can’t see what you see. They can’t visualize the path you’re on. And when they can’t see, they won’t follow. So, it’s okay to take your time. As a leader, you need to have your full church vision in mind, but your role is to show others the next step they have to take at each moment.

Keeping Your Steps Aligned with Your Church Building

Of course, part of keeping that entire vision in mind applies to your church building. Keep asking how your current church building is supporting your church vision and noticing where it does not. Then, you’ll find yourself asking questions about where you are spending your money, and how your next church building can better reflect your vision. Are you going to spend money in achieving ministry space to reach a vision that’s all about you? Because you don’t want a facility that just fits the needs of the people you already have. You want a church building that’s going to bring more people to Christ.

We take a step-by-step approach with many of our free i3 webinars, because we know it’s easier for church leaders to follow our vision for their church building on a step-by-step basis. Learn more about our vision for churches like yours by signing up today for our upcoming i3 webinars.