We spend much time and space in this blog discussing vision and its importance. But what does vision actually do for a church? The answer can be found in other questions, like “How do the people in your church know where the church is going?” or “How do you know if your attendees are on board with the direction?” A strong vision can answer all these questions, while serving as the tool for a church building that works.

Being Part of Something Bigger

As we’ve discussed before, every church needs a vision for ministry in their community. That vision helps everyone get on board with your plans for sharing God’s word with others in your area. When church leaders can capture that vision, and define it, and say, “This is what we’re about,” it helps people know where the church is going while helping attendees to get on board with that vision. Most of all, it helps people feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. People sometimes think, “I could never do this,” but when the church is doing it, they can join in and believe, together, that anything is possible.

Being Unified Behind the Vision

Joining together is a critically important component of any church vision process. You need something that unifies people, helps them come together, and gives them a reason to be part of a team. When you can gather people together around a vision, they get to know each other and build relationships. When they know each other, it’s easier to provide support to each other, and to achieve the vision that you’re seeking to fulfill together.

A church without a lot of unity, especially in leadership, will find it hard to get anywhere or accomplish anything. At times, clearly articulating your vision can reveal those who are not in unity with the vision. Sometimes church attendees just go with the flow. Then, when there’s a new vision, a new direction, some of those people can begin to get uncomfortable and ask questions. As a church leader, it’s important to listen, to get a heads-up on who is on board and who’s not. Then you can speak with those people who are struggling with your vision and help them see why it matters, and how to get on board.

Aligning Your Vision with Your Church Building

So, what does all this have to do with your church building? Some church leaders might say they have a vision to reach unchurched people but will then build a church building that meets their own needs, not the needs of the unchurched. Such a church building becomes a place where guests do not feel comfortable, or even welcome.

The right vision allows church leaders to put their church building money where their mouths are. It’s essential to ask why you would take on a ministry when it’s not part of your vision. If it’s not where God is leading you, let it go.

We’ve been doing this church building work for fifty years now. We have developed a solid understanding of the need for a focused and powerful vision for ministry to guide your church building process. To learn more, sign up for our forthcoming free i3 webinars, where we share more wisdom gained from building churches for fifty years.