We hear the term “multi-use” a lot on this blog and on other outlets that discuss church building. Here at The McKnight Group we prefer the term “multi-ministry”. Why? “Multi-ministry” puts the focus where it should be when it comes to a church building: on the ministries through which you touch people’s live for Jesus Christ. And building a good multi-ministry church building requires an expert church architect who knows the rules of the game.

Prioritize Your Multiple Ministries
When your church building is going to be multi-ministry, one ministry probably stands out. As a church leader, it’s your job to pick your primary focus. Is worship the most important? Then design your space with appropriate lighting, aesthetics, sight lines and video projection in mind.  Are sports first? Then floor material and durable walls need to be considered. Bible Study? Theatre? No matter what the primary focus is, there should be special attention to acoustics. A skilled church architect will shape your new church building using your primary ministry as its foundation, and build in capacity for additional ones on top of it if needed.

Another huge factor that many multi-ministry churches miss is fitting into the culture of the church and a community. It is critical for your church building be a part of the community, and sometimes in the haste to create a church building that can fit as many ministries as possible, a church’s fit in the community gets forgotten. If public buildings like schools and libraries are ornate and elaborate where you live, the level of expectation is set for your church building. But if public buildings tend to be simple in your area, your church should be as well. No matter how many ministries it will be performing, your church building should, first and foremost, feel welcoming and comfortable to the people it serves.

The McKnight Group’s Experts Build Multi-Ministries Right
The McKnight Group’s Design/Build team can design a multi-ministry church to fit your needs and the needs of your community. Working with you from step one, The McKnight Group will set your budget, design your church building, and build it, all without any surprises. Sign up for one of our free i3 webinars today to get started on the path to a multi-ministry building that works for your church.