church-interior-design-childrens-spacesThere are a lot of details to consider when your church is planning a new building or renovation project. You’ve got lots of decisions to make, including everything from the number of parking spaces to gas versus electric appliances.

Some of those decisions will have more of an impact on growing your church than others, so it’s particularly important to get those right.

In this post, for example, we want to focus on your children’s spaces—not the floor plan, but the interior design. A bright, cheery, welcoming children’s area is a clear message to parents that their children matter, which can make all the difference in bringing new families into your church community.

Quality Materials

It’s certainly true that you get what you pay for. As a result, we tend to preach quality in both materials and furnishings for church buildings, and especially for children’s spaces, which will be subject to more wear and tear than the rest of your church.

This is why we believe it’s important to be a good steward and invest in quality, commercial-grade furnishings that will last longer and not look shabby, even after years of use.

Color, Color Everywhere

Any church interior design that focuses on children should make the space look like it’s been designed just for them. Color is a relatively inexpensive and very clear way to show off children’s spaces.

There are many ways you can add color to children’s areas. The most obvious is paint on the walls, but don’t forget to also think about your ceilings, since children are more likely to look up and notice what’s above their heads. Even the floors can be brightly colored, and if you choose a flooring that’s multi-colored, you can repaint the walls with a new theme and still have them match the floor.

Plan Easy Replacements into Your Church Interior Design

Since it’s pretty much guaranteed that messes will happen at some point, you might want to consider vinyl or carpet tiles, as individual tiles can be easily replaced without having to tear up the entire floor. These tiles also allow you to form interesting patterns on the floor, and spills won’t absorb into the carpet as easily.

Investing Even More in Children’s Spaces

If you’ve got a bit more money in your budget, you can purchase, and even custom-design, vinyl wall graphics that add accents to your painted walls, or even cover entire walls with bright, exciting images.

For higher-traffic spaces, or craft and snack areas that might be subject to spills, look into some of the newer vinyl options. There are vinyl sheets that look like wood, water, and stone, which can complement the images on your walls. And don’t forget to complete your theme with props and signs.

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