Answering Questions About Safe Church Design

Attending The McKnight Group’s free i3 webinars is not just an opportunity to delve into the intricacies of church design and church building, but it’s also a chance to have your questions addressed. Here’s some questions that were asked during our recent webinar on church security and safety, along with a summary of the answers that we provided. Q. [...]

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Innovative Products for Children’s Safety in Church Design

There are many products, devices and even construction techniques that can help create safe and secure children’s areas in a church building. As various dangerous situations have occurred, numerous solutions have sprung up to help prevent them in the future. Let's explore some of the innovative products and devices that can be incorporated into a church design to enhance [...]

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Principles for Creating Secure Children’s Areas in Church Buildings

A discussion of church safety isn’t complete without including a particularly crucial element of church design: children’s areas. Whether it's for preschool, grade school, Sunday school, or childcare, implementing appropriate safety measures is essential to provide peace of mind for parents while fostering an environment where children can thrive spiritually and socially. Here are some important considerations when it [...]

Integrating Technology and New Design Elements into A Safe Church Building

Vigilance through human observation is a foundational aspect of security design. Our previous posts have talked about the importance of security teams and spaces with a clear line of sight to doorways and windows, for example. However, in an era where threats can be hard to anticipate, incorporating technology and modern design elements into church buildings can significantly enhance [...]

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Security for Public Spaces in a Safe Church Design

Last post, we delved into some ways to enhance the security of the exterior of a church building. Now, let's shift our focus inward, and explore how the church design for the interior of the building can foster a sense of safety and security for everyone entering. Transparency and Access Control A safety-conscious church design for public spaces should [...]

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