i3 Seminar Update!

Pastor Ken Murphy Leads Tour What is i3? Not just another church building seminar!  i3 stands for “Ideas, Insights & Innovations” – all of which are required for church building and expansion in the ever-changing dynamic of growing the church community. In this short, one-day seminar, attendees had the opportunity to learn valuable ideas, insights and innovations from experienced [...]


Prayer is an important and necessary part of being a Christian; a private, or public interaction between God and His people. Prayer is a very powerful encouragement when accomplished within a group. Prayer is also a visible sign of faith. Over the years at The McKnight Group we have maintained some form of voluntary prayer time for [...]

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Press Release: Ohio Christian University

THE MCKNIGHT GROUP ANNOUNCES COMPLETION OF ADDITION IN CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO ADDITION: 35,499 Square Feet Owner: Ohio Christian University, Circleville, OH Design/Build Firm: The McKnight Group, Grove City, OH General Contractor: McKnight Development Corp., Grove City, OH Architect/Designer: McKnight & Hosterman Architects, Inc., Grove City, OH Construction Start: July 2011 Construction Completion: December 2012 Addition Project for Ohio Christian University, [...]

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Now Is The Time

I am always looking for bits of wisdom from people.  You know, those things people say that make you stop and think.  I try to collect them and review them from time to time. Sometimes two or three quotes from different people come together for me, which happened recently. “If you are not leading with a little [...]

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