Struggling to Create a Church Vision? Consider Who to Reach

Church vision is a simple term, but establishing one isn’t always so easy. We’ve talked about what church vision is and why it's important, but creating one for your church can be a challenging process requiring much discussion and research among church leadership. A lot goes into establishing a clear vision that inspires your ministry and the people it [...]

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A Reminder about the Importance of Church Vision in a Church Design

An important question in church design is: what’s your church’s vision? We talk with church leaders and write about it frequently. There’s a definition of the concept we like to give: “Your Church Vision is a clear, shared, and compelling picture of the preferred future to which God is calling the congregation.” Here’s more about what that means as [...]

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Q&A: Not Having a Clear Vision and Master Planning in a Church Building Project

One of the most beneficial aspects of participating in our i3 webinars is the ability to ask questions. We always try to cover the most relevant details of church building and church design in each webinar, but sometimes it takes a question or two from individual church leaders to address particular needs about what’s best for a specific church.  [...]

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Three Tips for Church Leaders to Bring a Church Building Vision to Life

Having a compelling vision drives the success of a church building or remodeling project, but success requires more than simply having vision and writing it down.   A vision statement is not designed to collect dust on a shelf. As a church leader, you’ve already demonstrated that you have what it takes to rally an organization around a bold initiative. [...]

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