A Cautionary Tale About Keeping Your Church Building Finances Flexible

We don’t often quote scripture on this blog but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about it. Since our mission is to support church leaders with their church building and renovation projects, there are some scriptures that speak directly to our ministry. One of those is Luke 14:28, where Jesus says, “Suppose one of you wants to build a [...]

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A Financial Planning Checklist for Your Church Building Project

Over our last several posts, we’ve been talking about the financial planning necessary to ensure a successful church remodeling or church building project. While it’s always better to start on one of these projects sooner, rather than incurring the increased cost of waiting, some churches aren’t ready right now financially. There are, however, steps church leaders can take immediately [...]

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Looking at Church Financing Issues from a Big-Picture Perspective

No two church building situations are the same, which sometimes makes it complicated when answering people’s questions about church financing and budgeting. In this post, we address some specific church building and renovation questions that have come our way, recognizing that it’s not always possible to pull back and generalize. Estimating Basic Church Building Costs Many times, when church [...]

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Get the Church Financing You Need: 4 Elements of a Comprehensive Budget

There are many steps your church should take when preparing to construct a new church building or undertake a church renovation project. One is getting a church funding plan. Without it, your project isn’t going to get very far. Chances are you’d think—in the beginning, anyway—that the cost is equivalent to the amount of money needed to construct the [...]

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